Why do I crochet?

I have seen this question asked a few times on facebook groups and other online gatherings of crochet addicts.

I am only 2 years into my adventure, so still very much learning (although let’s be honest, do we ever stop learning?) and have not yet been able to put to words ‘why’ exactly. Maybe I never will. As long as I’m happy doing what I am doing that’s all I need.

What brought me to crochet is a little easier to explain.

A couple of years ago I bought a set of knitting looms to mess about on with my daughter. The set came with 3 looms and a teeny tiny little plastic hook that reminded me of my mother’s crochet hooks. I do remember my mother crocheting and at one point if I recall correctly her trying to teach me, but I’m left-handed and she is right-handed. I’m guessing it didn’t go too well, because I ended up teaching myself when I was 38.

Which brings us nicely to 2 years ago. That tiny little hook sat there innocently in the packet, is the sole reason I now live in yarny chaos, in danger of my U.F.O mountain sliding down on top of me.

How did you get your start with crochet?

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