My gallery of shame

This will be where I submit WIP’s (“work in progress” for those that are wondering) that haven’t actually progressed in a long while.

I’m hoping that the act of publicly shaming and outing myself as a slacker will spur me on to finishing the published items.

Without any further to-do, may I introduce my first offering…


Gallery of Shame – Item 1

Hermione Shell Mittens
by Andrea Denby – Ravelry Link to pattern

Date Started – October 21st 2016
Yarn Used: Alpaca Drops in Petrol Mix (7240)

My lame justification:
Still being a fairly new crocheter I struggled* my way through the first mitten and got halfway through the second only to find it was way too loose and floppy compared to the first. The rather pathetic mess below the mitten is my re-started chain after a frantic frogging session last weekend.

* This is in no way an issue with the pattern at all.
It was more of an issue with me and my lack of experience, also this was my first time using natural fibre and something thinner than DK.

They are absolutely gorgeous mittens and the alpaca makes a luxurious fabric. The one that I have almost completed is fine and I am happy with it. I really should get them finished as I’m working up a teal coloured hat at the moment and these would look nice together.

One day I WILL walk down the street with my spiffy new mitts.

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