Podcasts and Progress

I’ve recently discovered crochet podcasts… or is it vlogcasts?

Anywho, my usual go-to is Netflix whilst hooking away of an eve, but sometimes that can be a little taxing, as I don’t want to miss vital bits of my show or mess up with the row or stitch counts, or using the wrong stitch (more about that in a bit).
However, about a fortnight ago I discovered the Zeens and Roger vlogcast, shortly followed by Lottie and Albert, and then on to Potter and Bloom. These are absolutely fantastic, and just perfect to have on whilst working on projects. I’m binge watching all of them and actually making progress on my plethora of projects.

Currently on my hooks:
Mystery Afghan CAL by Julia Yeager
Kram Cardi by Katy Petersen
Untitled Poncho by myself (sorry no link)
Black Cat Slouch Hat by Alexis Middleton

To be honest, there’s more than that, but these are my priorities.

My last post was a start of a Gallery of Shame, which seems to be working as I’ve actually put some effort into my mitts and have quite a few rows of my second mitt done. I might even have it finished over the next few days. I shall add my second item to the Gallery of Shame in the next day or so.

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