A very lazy blogger…

That’s me that is.

I start these things with the intention of keeping up with them, and then life (and/or: crochet) just gets in the way of all of that.
Perhaps I’m just not cut out for prolific blogging.

Anyhoo, let’s catch up.

I’ve been watching all sorts of podcasts, since I last posted here, from crocheters, knitters, indie dyers and other yarn enthusiasts. I usually watch them whilst hooking away on my various w.i.p’s.
It has been a most pleasant and lovely way to spend this winter, which has either been incredibly grey, windy and rainy, or cold and crisp. I don’t “do” winter, so neither of those scenarios does much to entice me outside unless it’s to replenish the food supplies.

Speaking of w.i.p’s, I’m on a fairly strict “project starting ban” for 2018. I say “fairly strict”,  because a couple of C.A.L’s (okay, 3 C.A.L’s) have slipped through the cracks. But apart from that, I’ve been restrained and I am sticking to my guns until my project pile has depleted.

For The Crochet Podcast / Love Charlie One Skein Wonderland CAL, I made some socks from the December Crochet Sock Club box by Vicki Brown. I’m quite impressed with myself.

I also made a rather late attempt at The Furls / Rohn Strong sock C.A.L, and they’re looking amazing and are almost finished.

My current C.A.L project is for the Zeens and Roger Granny C.A.L 2018, for this I’m mucking about trying to make a granny clutch purse out of some really weird sparkly yarn I bought a while back. I’ll update on progress as this unfolds.

This year I shall also be attempting some yarn dyeing, but I’ll save my thoughts on that for another post.

Catch you all later 🙂

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