Let’s do all the “alongs”

Well, not quite all of the “alongs”, but I’ve been partaking in a few.

First up was the Rohn Strong September Sock CAL on facebook from the 1st of September to the end of Sept. Using some stashed Drops Fabel, I got going and it was looking quite like I’d complete in time and then I got struck with a cold flu type virus…

Surf and Sand Socks by Rohn Strong

As of right now, this purple pair of prettys are a lot further on than this picture suggests and are almost complete, however, I need to frog one of them due to some dodgy stitch counting for which I’m totally blaming the fog of illness.



The next “along” I took part in was the  The Crochet Circle Podcasts Sock Along 2018 CAL starting on September 29th and going through to October 31st. For this I made (and completed) The Calendula Socks by Vicki Brown.

These bright yellow beauties are perfect for the grey gloomy days of Autumn.

Calendula Socks by Vicki Brown


If you’ve never made crochet socks before then I thoroughly advise that you try, they’re great for skill building and you get a pair of socks at the end of it.


And there’s more…

Next up is the Nerd Along, hosted by Hannah of The Cozy Cottage Crochet Podcast for which I made this little cutey.

Yoda – pattern by Lucy Collin

This along is due to finish this coming weekend.


I’m not finished…

My current “along” is the Blame Dunderknit Along, which has just started and continues on until January 31st. Hosted by the glorious Caroline of the Knitting Vicariously Podcast.

For this I am making the Urban Stripe Shawl by Rosina Northcott (aka Zeens and Roger). I am absolutely loving this project and also really enjoying using my own hand dyed yarn for it.






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