I’ve been creative since forever!
Drawing, painting, sculpture when a child. Moving on to fine art printing in my teens, then onto a graphic design course in my late teens to early 20’s.

I gave up my graphic design career when my first child was born and got on with motherhood, which left little time, or energy, for my creative endeavours. At some point in between child 1 and the birth of child 2, I was given a digital camera, which awoke my sleeping creative beast and that snowballed into a huge passion. You never know, perhaps this blog will marry two of my passions together, the photography and the crochet.

For the past 5 years, I’ve been teaching myself crochet, mainly on youtube and other online resources. Naturally that has now snowballed into knitting and yarn dyeing.

I live in Devon, with my 2 kids and an ageing cat.



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